Dr. Robert W. Houlihan

Professor of Practical Ministry & Missions rwhoulihan@seu.edu

Degrees Earned

BTh, Life Pacific College
BA, Point Loma University
MA in TESL, University of California
DMin, Assemblies of God Theological Seminary


“My goal is to be a kingdom builder and communicate the power, practicality, and passion of the gospel to the world,” says Dr. Bob Houlihan.

Dr. Bob Houlihan has served as chairman of Crossroads Alliance, a nonprofit organization dedicated to responding to victims of disastrous and chaotic conditions around the world. Beyond simply meeting basic necessities, Crossroads Alliance addressed training and educational needs that helped individuals and communities rise above the cycle of poverty. Most important of all, the spiritual needs of the people who receive the resources were addressed.

Dr. Houlihan has partnered with over 100 evangelical Singapore churches to provide assistance to the people of East Timor, a nation suffering through years of poverty and war. In this role, he has served as the international director of Transformation Alliance, the combined ministry of these Singapore churches to change East Timor physically, socially, and spiritually.

Prior to launching Crossroads Alliance, Dr. Houlihan served as president of Mission of Mercy. During his tenure, Mission of Mercy expanded its outreach from 19 to 42 countries and more than doubled the financial income. This gave the ministry the opportunity to care for 65,000 underprivileged children through schools, orphanages, and feeding programs.

Dr. Houlihan also served as Asia Pacific director of the Assemblies of God World Missions for 11 years, providing leadership and mentoring to more than 300 missionaries in 35 countries.

He and his wife, Carolyn, ministered in Japan for more than 21 years. They served in Korea and Taiwan as the Far East Northern Area representatives for Assemblies of God World Missions for 11 years. In that capacity, Dr. Houlihan was responsible for overseeing the ministries of fellow Assemblies of God missionaries and for planning missions strategy for the northern area of the Asia Pacific.

During their years abroad, the Houlihans were pacesetters in community evangelistic efforts. Dr. Houlihan served as executive producer of a major religious television program, currently being telecast 18 times each week throughout Japan with an actual audience of more than 1 million people. Carolyn served as music coordinator for this ministry.

The Houlihans taught at Central Bible College in Tokyo, Japan, and at Ochanomizu Joshi University. Dr. Houlihan helped to develop Asia Pacific Theological Association and served on the board of Asia Pacific Theological Seminary for 10 years. They also pioneered and pastored the International Christian Assembly in the center of Tokyo.

He served as the dean of the Barnett College of Ministry & Theology of Southeastern University, which has the purpose of preparing students for a successful Christian life and ministry by integrating personal faith, biblical insight, Christian ethics, spiritual gifts, and ministerial skills. Within the parameters of the Pentecostal faith, the college challenges students to impact their generation by effective communication of the Gospel in word and deed so they will advance the global kingdom of God wherever they live.

Dr. Houlihan teaches the following graduate- and undergraduate-level courses: Foundations of Inter-cultural Communications, Leadership Development, Managing Change and Conflict, Missionary Life and Work, Intercultural Communications, and Current Issues in Missions.

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