Dr. Rosalind Goodrich

Chair, Associate Professor of Psychology and Counselor Education rsgoodrich@seu.edu

Degrees Earned

BA in Psychology, Southeastern University
MA in School Psychology, University of South Florida
Ed.S., University of South Florida
PhD in School Psychology, University of South Florida


Dr. Rosalind Goodrich has worked for years with individuals, children, and families in educational and counseling settings.  She brings both academic and field experience to her work at SEU.

Dr. Goodrich brings to her work the perspective that as individuals and the family, educational, and professional settings they are in become more healthful, a strong positive effect is had on both individuals and systems. She recognizes that our experiences shape who we become and that most of us spend many formative hours within educational settings. Dr. Goodrich holds educational excellence and the integration of Christian thought and action in education as strong values. Her desire is for her work to contribute to creating growth-producing relationships within and across Christian and secular settings, whether public, private, clinical, or educational. Dr. Goodrich enjoys academic discovery and professional collaboration and is always learning from her students.

Dr. Goodrich is the chair of Southeastern’s Psychology and Counseling department. She is honored to work with accomplished and professional faculty. She teaches Research Methods, Psychological Assessment, Diversity, and Human Sexuality.