Rustin Lloyd

Chair, Assistant Professor rblloyd@seu.edu

Degrees Earned

BA in History, Southeastern University
MA in History, University of Central Florida


Professor Rustin Lloyd has a strong connection to Southeastern University. He spent four years actively involved in student life at Southeastern as he pursued his undergraduate degree. Professor Lloyd completed his MA degree at the University of Central Florida, where he concentrated in public history.

While at the University of Central Florida, he worked on numerous public history projects ranging from an exhibit on the long civil rights movement to the creation of an online digital repository and exhibit focusing on various central Florida histories. His MA thesis, titled The Politics of the Righteous, explored the political activism of conservative evangelicals in central Florida during the 1970s and 1980s.

After obtaining his graduate degree, Professor Lloyd became the lead social science instructor at a private secondary academy in Orlando, where he developed and taught courses in philosophy, government, economics and history.

Professor Lloyd seeks to diminish the perception that history is just a list of facts. He encourages his students to think deeply about the narrative of humanity and challenges them to establish connections with the past that can make their life and faith more meaningful.

Professor Lloyd is proud to be a faculty member at his alma mater. He feels that a private Christian liberal arts education allows for a more holistically developed person and believes that Southeastern has the opportunity to uniquely foster both faith and intellect without compromise.

Professor Lloyd teaches American History and Western Civilization surveys. His research interests include American religious, political and intellectual history; public history; digital history; and public memory.