Rey Anasco

Lecturer of Religion ranasco@seu.edu

Lecturer of Religion

Degrees Earned

BA in Philosophy, University of Florida
MA in Biblical Studies, Reformed Theological Seminary


Rey Anasco began serving as a Lecturer of Ministry and Theology for Southeastern University in Ocala, Florida in 2017. He is teaching classes in theology and biblical studies. From 2004 – 2016, he served as a public high school teacher at West Port High School in Ocala specializing in working with students with learning disabilities, emotional disabilities, and other health impairments. During this time, he also served as a Department Chair, a lead teacher, and as teacher of the year for the 2011 -2012 school year.

From 2006-2008, Rey co-founded and co-directed a Christian music venue called The Capitol. From 2002-2007, he founded and directed a ministry for skateboarders and BMX bikers called Skatezine Ministries. These ministries were designed to impact youth culture with the gospel, to disciple students, and to bring them and their families into the Church. And from 1998-1999, Rey also served in the formation of the Christian rock band Underoath as their original bass player.