Dr. Paul B. Stewart

Professor of Communication pbstewart@seu.edu

Degrees Earned

BS in Speech Education, Greenville University
MA in Communication Theory, Wichita State University
PhD in Rhetoric and Public Address, University of Maryland, College Park


Paul B. Stewart comes to the College of Arts and Media at Southeastern University with a BS in Speech Education (Greenville University), an MA in Communication Theory (Wichita State University), and a PhD in Rhetoric and Public Address (University of Maryland, College Park).

Dr. Stewart’s research interests include propaganda, communication ethics, and media ecology — particularly the way in which technological forces totalize our culture and manage and manipulate human experience. Dr. Stewart thinks that Jacques Ellul is the most amazing rhetorical scholar since Augustine and is pleased to know that both scholars were devout Christians!

Dr. Stewart’s students can be expected to read primary source texts (real live books). He believes that reading is the soul of education and that Christians, if they hope to build the Kingdom of God, must be reading people. In fact, “Till We Have Faces” by C.S. Lewis is one of his top five books (Lewis was most proud of this book — a book that few people have ever read).

Dr. Stewart is married to Ruth, a nurse, and together they have five kids (artists, teachers, a communication expert, and one law enforcement officer). In his spare time he likes to compose music, keep bees, and go to yard sales.