Megan Wagner

Assistant Professor mmwagner@seu.edu

Degrees Earned

Masters in Clinical Science from Barry University
Bachelor’s in Biology/ Pre-med, Southeastern University


Assistant Professor Megan Wagner joined the College of Natural and Health Sciences in 2016 as a full time faculty member.

Prior to joining academia, Professor Wagner practiced full time in the Tampa area as a Physician Assistant. Professionally she has worked solely in family practice for over 8 years and has transitioned to clinical practice in the Lakeland area. As a Physician Assistant she is able to diagnose, treat and educate patients on disease states, treatment and up and coming therapeutic options.

While back in Tampa she joined a team of addiction specialists who treated patients who were acutely withdrawing or detoxing from chemical substances. Her role in addiction medicine began to fuel a passion for understanding the psychological and biological intersect of disease states. From there she began the outpatient treatment of disordered eating behaviors as a subspecialty to addiction medicine, this remains her passion in research today.

Megan engages the notion that patients are the source of their own achievements and health. She practices with the belief that with proper motivation and education, patients can achieve their goals for overall well-being. She spends time listening to patients personal, spiritual and physical needs and engages them in meaningful dialogue to set personal health goals.