Dr. Melody Dobbs

Associate Professor of Education mmdobbs@seu.edu

Degrees Earned

BA in Elementary Education, Southeastern University
MS in Educational Leadership, NOVA Southeastern University
EdD in Organizational Leadership, NOVA Southeastern University


Dr. Melody Dobbs joined the faculty of Southeastern in 2018, after more than twenty years in Polk county schools in Lakeland, Florida. She ultimately moved from the public sector to Christian Education where she taught elementary students, while also serving as an assistant principal. During this time, she was a human resource development trainer, elementary department head, faculty mentor, and conference presenter.

Dr. Dobbs graduated from Southeastern University in 1983. She immediately went to work as an elementary educator because of her passion for teaching the next generation. It was always her goal to return one day to Southeastern to prepare future educators. She began this exciting journey in the summer of 2018.

As an educator, Dr. Dobbs knows that the only inheritance one can leave behind that will last for all eternity is his or her influence. This is the key reason that she has always been passionate about teaching children to love learning. Dr. Dobbs enjoys training and equipping undergraduate students to nurture their own passions for educating future generations.

Dr. Dobbs and her husband, Larry, are active in the leadership ministry of their local church. She has been involved in numerous teaching and musical activities, as well as several dramatic performances in ministry.