Marlon Dempster

Associate Professor of Literature & Composition mmdempster@seu.edu

Degrees Earned

BA, Vanguard University
MA, California State University, Long Beach
PhD Studies, King’s College, University of Aberdeen, Scotland


Professor Marlon Dempster brings a passion for active, student-led education to his classes at Southeastern and has been leading university-level students through learning since 1993. Professor Dempster served as an adjunct instructor for Azusa Pacific University and Vanguard University for several years before joining the full-time faculty at Vanguard in 1999.

Professor Dempster’s areas of research are modern Irish and postmodern American literature, James Joyce, metafiction, and post-structural literary theory. It was literature that really turned him on in college, and he wants to lead his students to that same discovery and intellectual stimulation through literature. In pedagogy, Professor Dempster is committed to active learning theory and strategy, and he designs his classes to induce students to engage with the interpretive process themselves. To him, pure lecture and “content-transfer” are not the way to go if the goal is to create critical thinkers and competent interpreters.

Professor Dempster has served as a copy editor for Pneuma: The Journal of the Society for Pentecostal Studies, has helped to build and support Vanguard University’s undergraduate journal Synecdoche, and currently serves as one of two faculty supervisors for The Oracle at Southeastern. Professor Dempster has also been a visiting lecturer in graduate courses at Vanguard University and conducted pastoral lectures in the Southern California area concerning postmodernism and the post-modern church.

At Southeastern, Professor Dempster teaches Composition I & II, Introduction to Literature, World Literature, and British Literature I & II. His research interests are in active learning pedagogy, metafiction, and higher education assessment practices.