Lindsey Croston

Lecturer llcroston@seu.edu

Degrees Earned

B.S., Southeastern University
M.A., Southeastern University


Professor Lindsey Croston is from southwestern Virginia, and is part of a long legacy of teachers and preachers.  Raised in a family which continues to be deeply involved in Pentecostal ministry, she has served in various capacities both as lay and professional leadership in her local churches, mostly within youth and children’s ministry arenas.  She graduated cum laude from SEU with a Church Ministries degree (Concentration: Youth Ministry) in 2003, and completed the Master of Arts (Theological Studies) at SEU in 2015. She is a member of the Society for Pentecostal Studies, and a member of Alpha Chi.  She is currently a Post-Graduate Researcher at the University of Birmingham (UK), working on a PhD in Theology & Religion.

Before joining the BCMT faculty, Professor Croston taught in the Polk County (FL) School system for 5 years, and also worked with the YMCA overseeing 17 off-site after school programs.  She is passionate about connecting children and youth to biblical community, and empowering youth and young adults to serve in the various arenas to which God has called them.  She is a strong proponent of developing quality lay leadership as well as professional clergy.

Professor Croston has served at her local A/G church in Lakeland for the past 11 years, and currently serves as the college & career small group leader and is part of the youth department volunteer staff.  She is a licensed minister with the Assemblies of God, and is passionate about helping students develop strong biblical roots while pursuing practical ministry opportunities.

Courses Currently Taught at SEU: Christ, Culture & the University; Survey of Christian Theology; 1 & 2 Corinthians; New Testament Survey.  Professor Croston also serves as the Coordinator of Scheduling, Assessments, and Adjunct Relations for BCMT.