Dr. Lyle L. Bowlin

Dean, Professor llbowlin@seu.edu

Degrees Earned

BLS (Bachelor of Liberal Studies), The University of Iowa
MA in Finance, The University of Iowa
DBA in Finance, Nova Southeastern University


Dr. Lyle Bowlin has 12 years in the grocery industry and taught finance and entrepreneurship for 15 years at the University of Northern Iowa. At Northern Iowa, he was also the director of the Small Business Development Center for seven years and the assistant director of the John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center for three years. In addition, he worked with startups, did strategic planning for firms in the Midwest and started an online bookstore in 1997 that enjoyed national and international publicity.

Dr. Bowlin has refereed publications in the Journal of Portfolio Management, the Journal of Economics and the Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship, as well as numerous conference proceedings. He has also refereed publications in the Journal of Education for Business and in Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education. Dr. Bowlin has completed reviews for several corporate finance and investment textbooks, as well.

Dr. Bowlin teaches the following courses: Principles of Finance, Managerial Economics, Quantitative Analysis, Investments, and Intermediate and Advanced Corporate Finance. His research interests are asset pricing, derivative use for off-balance sheet financing, scripture in business and market efficiency anomalies.