Dr. Larry Hazelbaker

Professor of Psychology lehazelb@seu.edu

Degrees Earned

BA in History and Bible, Southeastern Bible College
MEd and EdS, Rollins College
Advanced Graduate Certificate in Clinical Supervision, Capella University
PhD in Professional Psychology and Counselor Education, Union University & Institute


Dr. Larry Hazelbaker is a Southeastern veteran with over 20 years in the classroom and several years before that as a student here. He and a handful of other long-term professors serve as connectors between the Southeastern Bible College of the past and the Southeastern University of today, bringing together the best of both eras. Dr. Hazelbaker desires to instill in his students both a commitment to the truths of Christ and a commitment to listening to hurting people with patience and love.

Dr. Hazelbaker has been involved in various forms of ministry most of his life. Not only has he worked as an ordained Assemblies of God minister but he also serves as a psychological practitioner, working in clinical settings through his own nonprofit ministry, Harbour Institute Inc., which works with only ministers and their families. He is also a member of the American Psychological Association and The American Association of Christian Counselors.

A Lakeland, Florida, native, Dr. Hazelbaker has strong roots in the community and in the Assemblies of God. The love of his life, Deborah, is the chair of Southeastern’s Department of Natural Sciences & Mathematics, and his daughters and grandchildren bring him much joy.

Dr. Hazelbaker teaches many of the upper-level psychology and counseling courses, and he continues to investigate the integration of psychology, counseling and the Christian faith.