Dr. Kevin Weaver

Assistant Professor of Education kweaver@seu.edu

Degrees Earned

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Law, University of West Georgia
Doctorate in Educational Leadership, Western Kentucky University
Master of Law, University of Southern California, School of Law
Postdoctoral Research, University of California, Berkeley


Dr. Kevin Weaver is an Assistant Professor in the College of Education. He teaches courses in education policy, social justice, business law and sports law. He serves as chair of both the university curriculum committee and the faculty committee on diversity. Prior to Southeastern, he compiled several years of experience as an educator and administrator in urban and private secondary schools.

An avid researcher of law and  policy,  Dr. Weaver  studied  U.S. Law  and Legal  Research  at  the  University  of Southern  California   in  Los  Angeles.  He   earned   a   doctorate degree in   educational   leadership   from Western Kentucky University, where he  was a  recipient  of  the Dissertation  Scholarship Award,  the  Kentucky Teacher Education Scholarship  Award,  and  a  full-time  graduate assistant position. He completed post-doctoral research and a graduate fellowship at the University of California, Berkeley.

Dr. Weaver is an active supporter of a plethora of student programs at SEU. He has served as chair and/or research advisor for several students’ honors theses and dissertations. In addition to attending a mission’ s trip to Scandinavia with SEU students, he has also assisted in sponsoring mission trips to: South America, India , Australia,  Egypt ,  Costa  Rica,  Honduras,  Guatemala,  England ,  Israel ,  Austria ,  Greece,  Kenya,  Zambia , Taiwan , Thailand,  Ecuador ,  Nicaragua,  Alaska,  Haiti  and  the  Dominican  Republic.