Ken Mundy

Associate Professor kmundy@seu.edu

Degrees Earned

BA in Zoology, University of South Florida
Doctor of Dental Surgery, Emory University


Dr. Ken Mundy comes to Southeastern University after 44 years of private practice in dentistry. His extensive experience in treating patients in clinical practice has been valuable in teaching Human Anatomy and Physiology. Dr. Mundy was previously an adjunct professor of anatomy and physiology from 2005-2014 while practicing full time. He has been awarded the Florida Dental Association Humanitarian Award and the American Dental Association Meritorious Award for Service to Third World Countries. Dr. Mundy has travelled to many nations providing dental and medical care to those less fortunate and presenting the Gospel at every opportunity.

Dr. Mundy wants to create a classroom culture that encourages students to seek answers and collaborate with each other and with himself, all while facing the challenges of learning all the complexities of the human body. His desire is to engage, challenge and inspire growth in each student that walks into his classroom. Dr. Mundy will be teaching Anatomy and Physiology along with Biology  this year.