Dr. Karen Ingle

Assistant Professor of Education kmingle@seu.edu

Degrees Earned

BA in Elementary Education, Vanguard University
MIT in Education, Northwest University
EdD in Organizational Leadership, Southeastern University


Dr. Karen Ingle has been teaching in the College of Education at Southeastern University since the fall of 2012. Her prior education experience included teaching almost every grade level from kindergarten through eighth grade. Dr. Ingle then transitioned from the classroom to administration and served as a principal for private Christian schools in Chicago and Seattle.

Dr. Ingle is passionate about educating and mentoring the next generation of teachers. She believes the College of Education at Southeastern University prepares and equips students to become exceptional teachers in the classroom with a strong foundation of academics from a Christian,  servant leadership perspective. Dr. Ingle encourages all her students to have a love for God and to develop a lifetime love for learning.

Dr. Ingle teaches Language Arts for Educators, Methods of Teaching Social Studies, and Introduction to Education. She is also the Advisor for Pathways School of Excellence. Dr. Ingle’s other interests include speaking at various women’s groups and organizations, and in different venues at SEU.