Dr. Joseph W. Kilpatrick

Associate Professor of International Business jwkilpatrick@seu.edu

Degrees Earned

BS in Accounting, Bob Jones University
MBA, Drury University
DIBA, Nova Southeastern University
Certified Manager


Dr. Kilpatrick’s vast training and experience has included coordinating the internship program for the college and providing leadership for international business interns. While advising 45 students, he served on various committees, including the Faculty Rank and Promotions Committee.  He has also assisted the dean with planning for study abroad programs in El Salvador and Romania.

With decades of international experience, Dr. Kilpatrick has served as a comptroller, administrator, missionary, and educator for mission agencies, foreign language publishers, churches, and colleges. His writings include a book on church business.

Since joining Southeastern University in 2009, he has traveled to Canada, Colombia, El Salvador, England, Ireland, Hungary, Romania, and Israel. On one of his two trips to Colombia, he took a group of students who participated in teaching small-business owners about accounting, marketing, management, microfinance funding, etc. Having lived in Brussels, Hong Kong, Miami, and Los Angeles, his travels have taken him to 67 different countries. His burden is to pass on to his students his knowledge and passion for the people of the world.

Dr. Kilpatrick teaches the following courses: Global Business Management (MBA), International Business, Financial Accounting and Accounting & Financial Management. His research interests include business as a mission, microfinance, and globalization.