Jason Old

Associate Professor of Spanish jrold@seu.edu

Degrees Earned

BA in Spanish Literature, North Carolina State University
MA in Latin American, Caribbean and Latino Studies, University of South Florida



Professor Jason Old brings to his Latin American Studies and Spanish classes a wealth of experience in, and passion for, Latin America. He has done extensive fieldwork throughout Latin America. His studies range from indigenous cultures and the concept of identity, to the socioeconomic impacts of foreign investment in rural areas of Latin America. He has lived in Nicaragua, Peru, Honduras and Argentina. After returning to the United States, Professor Old continued his education, earning his MA with a double-major in Spanish literature and anthropology.

Before coming to Southeastern, Professor Old taught Spanish at the University of South Florida. Since coming to Southeastern University, Professor Old has expanded the Department of Humanities by adding new courses to the Spanish minor, creating a Latin American and Caribbean studies minor, as well as creating and directing a four-week Spanish language and culture study abroad program in Nicaragua.

Professor Old is one of the founders, and the executive director, of CAN Fútbol Foundation (CANFF). His foundation administers programs using fútbol (soccer) as the vehicle to promote education and community development in the underprivileged communities of eastern Roatan, Honduras. He says that CANFF is built on the belief that “all youth deserve the opportunity to grow and develop in every facet of their lives, and should not be hindered by their economic statuses.”

He is also the CEO and co-founder of The SurfShare LLC, a surf-sharing social networking platform whose mission is to connect surfers and surf enthusiasts from across the globe to foster more enjoyable surf travel, as well as to create economic sustainability in the coastal communities of the developing world.

Professor Old teaches the following courses: Spanish I A and B, Spanish II A and B, Advanced Spanish Conversation and Composition, Spanish-American Culture and Civilization, Latin American Literature, Latin American Icons, Central America Culture, Culture of Nicaragua, and Latin American Film.

Professor Old has research interests in the following areas: soccer and identity in Latin America, minority cultures of Central America (the Maya and the Garifuna), the impact of HIV/AIDS and other diseases in Latin America, post-revolution Cuba, proxy wars and liberation movements in Latin America.

Brief Highlights

  • Published “Anthrotourist: An Improvised Journey through Latin America (2nd ed.),” 2011. Old defines a specific genre of travel he calls “anthrotourism.”
  • Published “Cuba: Behind the Embargo (2nd ed.),” 2015. Old writes an ethnography about his observations and his travel across Cuba.
  • April 2016 Guest Speaker, Postales desde Cuba University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida: 2016 9th Annual Spanish Fair
  • April 2016 Book Lecture, Cuba: Behind the Embargo Florida Southern College, Spanish Honor Society, Lakeland, Florida
  • April 2015 Guest Speaker, Creating Communities through Soccer University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida: 2015 8th Annual Spanish Fair
  • October 2013 Book Lecture, Cuba: Behind the Embargo Southeastern University, Lakeland, Florida: University Colloquium
  • October 2013 Invitee and Speaker, Building Communities through Sport and Development Casa de la Cultura, Holguin, Cuba: 19th Annual Latin American Congress of Thought
  • March 2013 Guest Speaker, Creating Communities through Soccer University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida: 6th Annual Spanish Fair
  • April 2012 Guest Speaker, Sport and Development in Honduras University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida: 5th Annual Spanish Fair
  • October 2012 Guest Speaker, Nonprofit vs. For-profit University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida: International Business Board
  • November 2011 Winner of the Paul G. and Ernestine G. Hatcher Modern Language Lecture Series: Changing Lives through Soccer, Spanish and Service Western Kentucky University, Bowling Green, KY
  • February 2011 Guest Speaker, Sport and Development in Honduras University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida: 2011 4th Annual Spanish Fair