Dr. Johnny Jones


Degrees Earned

BA in Psychology, Georgia State University
MSW, the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
PhD in Social Work, Florida State University


Dr. Johnny M. Jones brings 25 years of experience to Southeastern as a social worker, social work educator, and social work administrator in both public and private faith-based institutions. Dr. Jones’s post-master’s experience was with Georgia Baptist Children’s homes and Family Ministries, Inc. His post-doctoral experience includes eight years on faculty of the University of South Carolina’s College of Social Work, including time as director of its Center for Child and Family Studies. He also served on the faculty of the Diana R. Garland School of Social Work at Baylor University for seven years where he served at various times as the Director of the Center for Family & Community Ministries and Director of the MSW program.

Dr. Jones has 11 publications in peer-reviewed professional journals. He has co-authored an introduction to a social work textbook and a book chapter for administration. He has presented or co-presented 23 peer-reviewed presentations at national conferences and has been the principal or co-principal investigator on 14 grants and contracts totaling in excess of $35 million dollars.

Dr. Jones teaches graduate level courses in the social work program including Methods of Social Research, Social Work Administration and Leadership, and Evaluation of Social Work Practice.