Dr. Gary Kimball


Degrees Earned

BS in Education, Greenville College
MEd in School Administration/Supervision, University of South Florida
EdS in Mathematics, Nova Southeastern University
EdD in Curriculum and Instruction in Math Education, University of Sarasota


Dr. Gary Kimball has been teaching mathematics for over 45 years, including over three decades of teaching at Southeastern. In addition to his experience in the classroom, he has been the editor for four mathematics textbooks published by the Association of Christian Schools International. Dr. Kimball has also been selected as a reader for the Advanced Placement statistics exam, which is given to over 90,000 students each year.

Dr. Kimball teaches the following classes: College Algebra, Liberal Arts Math I & II, Calculus I, Number Theory, Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra, Intro to Statistics & Probability, Symbolic Logic, Combinatorial Analysis, History of Mathematics, and Math Methods for Secondary Schools. His research interests are mathematics and pedagogy.