Dr. Emily Stegall

Assistant Professor eastegall@seu.edu

Degrees Earned

BA in Exceptional Student Education, Warner University
MEd in Teaching and Learning (Concentration in Fine Arts), Southeastern University
MEd in Exceptional Student Education, Southeastern University
EdD in Early Childhood Education, Northcentral University


When Dr. Emily Stegall was a student at Southeastern University, she knew she wanted to return one day to immerse herself into the Christ-centered culture that Southeastern offers. In the fall of 2016, that dream became a reality as she joined the College of Education to teach undergraduate classes in Exceptional Student Education and Elementary Education.

Dr. Stegall was an Exceptional Student Education teacher with Polk County Public Schools for 12 years.  She worked with grades PK–5 in a self-contained environment, but spent the majority of her career in early childhood-level classes. Dr. Stegall worked with students with high-risk medical cases, as well as students with intellectual disabilities, emotional and behavior disorders, and autism. Her research interests presently focus on effective strategies to include individuals with special needs in typical school populations and increase awareness so those students are approached and included in everyday life. She is also interested in finding effective ways to meet students’ needs who have been exposed to trauma as well as broadening her understanding of dyslexia and finding new and innovative ways to help students that have been diagnosed with this condition.  

Dr. Stegall loves spending her time with her husband, two beautiful children, and, of course, her dogs!