Debra A. Brown

Associate Professor of English dabrown@seu.edu

Degrees Earned

BS in Public Relations, University of Florida
MA in English, East Carolina University


Professor Debbie Brown’s most cherished possession is her relationship with God and His son, Jesus Christ. She believes Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount to be a beautiful example of ethos, pathos and logos in action and frequently includes it in her classroom.

Professor Brown spent 15 years helping organizations communicate more effectively with their internal and external audiences. She’s worked with IBM, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, American Red Cross, CARE International and many other national and international organizations. In 1999, Professor Brown opened her own PR agency, The PR Guru, to help clients build confidence, credibility and trust through communication. Her client list has included companies throughout the United States and London.

Eight years ago, Professor Brown brought her excellence in corporate communications to the classroom. There she taught college students the No. 1 skill all employers want from their employees: the ability to write well. A successful writer herself, she has 38 published articles in both consumer and professional publications.

Professor Brown teaches the following classes at Southeastern: College Reading and Writing, English Composition I and English Composition II.