Degrees Earned

BS in Science, Southeastern University, Lakeland, FL
MA in Exceptional Student Education, Southeastern University, Lakeland, FL


Professor Caitlin Whittenton joined Southeastern University in 2018 after teaching at the Doris A. Sander’s learning center. There she worked with students with various mental and physical disabilities while working with various behavior problems as well.

Caitlin has been passionate about working with students with special needs since fifth grade and enjoys supporting students as they learn practical life skills that will help them obtain a job, self-confidence, and independence. Caitlin was inspired to work with transition students after discovering her passion to help students not only learn basic academic and life skills, but finding meaningful and realistic ways of applying them. She is passionate about providing four more years of instruction to students so that students may experience the collegiate experience, while maintaining a certain level of supported instruction.

Caitlin is also fluent in American Sign Language greatly due to her identical twin sister who is a sign language interpreter. She finds the language to be very useful and believes it is a great way for students with communication needs to communicate with others.