Brittany N. Tillman

Instructor of Mathematics bntillman@seu.edu

Degrees Earned

BS in Math Education, Southeastern University
MA in Mathematics, University of South Florida


Professor Brittany Tillman got her start in teaching mathematics right here at Southeastern University. As an undergraduate student, while working as a teaching assistant for the (then) Department of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, she fell in love with the art of teaching and found her calling in life as a math educator. Professor Tillman also gained extensive experience as an undergraduate, working as a tutor for Huntington Learning Center in Lakeland.

Professor Tillman taught one year of high school geometry at Boca Ciega High School in St. Petersburg before deciding to attend graduate school. She worked as a teaching assistant for the Department of Mathematics at the University of South Florida, which included tutoring intermediate algebra, college algebra, precalculus, business calculus and finite math. She focused her studies and research on point-set topology, algebraic topology and knot theory.

Professor Tillman has a passion for serving and interacting with her students. Besides teaching the analytical thinking skills that come with a math class, she believes in inspiring students to be goal-oriented and to actively pursue their dreams. She hopes to cultivate a strong work ethic and instill a sense of integrity into her students so that they are best prepared for being successful in their futures.

Professor Tillman teaches all courses within the developmental math program, all general education math courses, precalculus and the calculus series. Professor Tillman also teaches math education courses, preparing future secondary math teachers for the classroom.