Dr. Beth Leslie

Professor of Business baleslie@seu.edu

Degrees Earned

BA in English, Evangel University
MBA in Human Resources, Baker College
DBA in Human Resources, Baker College


Dr. Beth Leslie first joined Southeastern’s faculty as an adjunct professor teaching business communications, and she saw here a real opportunity to train Christian students to excel in the business world. Now as a full-time faculty member, she is pursuing that goal both inside and outside the classroom.

Dr. Leslie’s career started in education, teaching English in the public school system for 17 years, but then she left the school system for the business world. First, Dr. Leslie worked for five years as a clinical coordinator at Watson Clinic LLP, where she managed a staff of more than 100 receptionists at seven locations. When an opportunity presented itself, however, to work in corporate training, Dr. Leslie took the position. It was there at the W.S. Badcock Corporation that she developed an appreciation for human resources and an understanding of its importance in the success of a company. As she worked with employees and helped guide and facilitate their career paths — teaching them within the context of the business world — Dr. Leslie found her own path being drawn back toward academics.

Dr. Leslie brings to Southeastern University excellent experience in teaching, both in school and in business, combined with an insider’s knowledge of the business world and a strong commitment to Christian values. Her goal is to ensure that her students can be successful in business and still maintain their integrity as Christians — and to assure them that it can be done.

Dr. Leslie teaches Business Communications I and II. She is interested in researching the importance of training and developing employees, focusing especially on the relevance of those actions on retention. She is also interested in the importance of proper and significant communication within a company and its effect on employee morale.