Amanda J. Vinson


Degrees Earned

BS in Psychology, Southeastern University
MA in Human Services Administration, Southeastern University


Professor Amanda Vinson is a native of Lakeland, Florida. She first joined Southeastern University in 2001 as a student majoring in psychology. Additionally, she has a master’s degree in human services administration. She has taught as an adjunct professor and a team teacher and recently became a full-time instructor of human services here at Southeastern University. She currently teaches online and evening courses but will assume traditional class responsibilities when the department launches it traditional program in spring 2015. Professor Vinson has worked in the College of Behavioral & Social Sciences (CBSS) since 2006 as the college’s administrative assistant and the administrator of the CBSS’s testing programs. She has been married for six years, is the proud mother of one son, Jackson, who attends Victory Christian Academy, and will be welcoming her second son at the end of December 2014.