COMPASS - Calling & Career

SEU approaches career counseling and job placement assistance from a completely different perspective.

At COMPASS, we help students learn how to explore discerning God’s call for their lives.

By viewing your career as an overflow of your calling, which is about your relationship with God and His plan for your life, you can be more confident in the path you choose. We’re here to help you make that happen. 

COMPASS: The Center for Calling & Career is the on-campus career service office that provides you, as an SEU student, with career exploration experiences and resources that prepare you for your life after college. The COMPASS teams include career liaisons and student leaders who will assist you throughout your college career years. They are also available as a resource long after graduation.

You will have the opportunity to discover, cultivate, practice and engage your divine design in academic experiences, clubs, missions trips, internships, employment or graduate school.


Handshake is a national job network specifically for college students and recent alumni. Through Handshake, students and alumni can directly seek internship and job postings. Employers connect with us through Handshake to post jobs, internships, and interviews. Employers can also search for and connect with our students and alumni.

Please contact the COMPASS office at compass@seu.edu or 863.667.5157 for more information.

Digital Badging

Career Readiness Badging is a collaborative, university-wide program that is designed to aid students in gaining — and communicating their experience with — the skills needed to drive their careers. Students will be able to obtain competency-based micro-credentials within 10 major competency categories. These categories are recognized by employers, churches, and organizations across the country.

The program is designed to help students articulate the skills and knowledge that they are already developing in SEU’s curriculum (through academic programs and courses), co-curriculum (via student leadership and activities), and in extracurricular experiences (such as jobs, missions, athletics, internships, etc.). Throughout the badging program, students will also cultivate the development of new skills and knowledge and gain mastery they have not previously been able to demonstrate.

Student Services

Here are just a few ways COMPASS helps our students and graduates find both jobs and personal fulfillment in their careers. Contact COMPASS to start your internship or job search.

  • Mock Interviews

    Practicing interviewing skills prior to going on one cannot only help students get a job, but also increase their confidence in their abilities to present themselves well, and discern whether a potential employer is a good fit for their personal goals.

  • Professionalism Education

    COMPASS presents on professionalism regularly so that students always put their best foot forward. Students are educated on the skills and posture needed to successfully enter their career fields.

  • Resume Workshops

    Whether it’s from volunteering, mission trips, study abroad, internships or work experience, many things students do prior to graduation will help them in the future. COMPASS helps students see how the skills developed from these opportunities can either translate into a career, or help them in their field. Knowing both will help determine if, and how, that experience should be listed on a resume.

  • VIP Days

    Employers, pastors, and human resources representatives come to campus to recruit students who are looking for internships, part-time work while still in school, or full-time careers after graduation.

  • Engage Church Expo

    Every fall, we host a Church Expo event on campus to connect students with local churches and ministries. This is not only a great opportunity to connect students to community and ministry, but also to promote job and internship opportunities.

  • Career Exploration

    We help students explore career choices through conversations and identifying available resources and tools. Students are equipped with potential action steps to help them discern their educational and professional choices.

  • Practical Skills

    The COMPASS team provides practical tools and resources that help students and graduates to live out their gifts and abilities. One of the biggest ways COMPASS does this is by helping students recognize and grow their transferable skills, since many employers aren’t as focused on grades and majors as they are on real-life experience.

  • Career Liaisons

    COMPASS has career liaisons dedicated to each of the colleges within SEU, who are not only familiar with the majors available in each, but what alumni are now doing with those degrees.

  • Career Week

    Each spring, COMPASS hosts a weeklong series of events designed to boost a student’s knowledge of the working world and how to get started in it. In addition to VIP visitors who actively recruit, SEU Alumni offer their insights in a panel discussion, guest speakers present on a variety of topics relevant to today’s workplace, and both in-person and virtual career fairs are held on campus.

Student Testimonial

“I had so many questions regarding my future, so I set up a virtual appointment with COMPASS where I received one-on-one advice. After that appointment, I decided to look for an internship. I applied through Handshake and got an email the very next day from one of the churches. We set up an interview, and I got the internship immediately!”

– Abigail Turner, Current SEU Student



Phone: (863) 667-5157 | Email: compass@seu.edu
Fax: (863) 667-5000 | Hours: M–F, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m

Employer Opportunities

VIP Days

Whether you represent a business, church, school or non-profit organization, COMPASS: The Center for Calling & Career at SEU will work with you to create a VIP day. A VIP Day is tailored to your needs and schedule. A VIP Day provides you with the opportunity to meet job prospects, make in-class introductions and much more. A VIP Day provides reserved parking and a complimentary lunch with students and professors. Please fill out the fields below to request your VIP Day. All VIP requests must be made a minimum of two weeks in advance.


Employers have a variety of opportunities to promote their organizations and opportunities on campus. Examples include on-campus career fairs, mock interview events, career week workshops, and other departmental events.

My Major, My Job

SEU’s My Major, My Job dashboard tells the collective story of over 5,000 students who graduated from SEU between 2008 and 2018. It includes where they started, where they are now, and if they continued their education.