CLEP Eligibility Request Form

  • PLEASE NOTE: Only SEU students are required to complete this form. Non-SEU students should contact their host institution regarding CLEP eligibility. Eligibility is only valid for the current semester. Requests for future semesters will require submission of a new eligibility form.
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  • Student Agreement

  • Student Agreement Statements

    • It is my responsibility to ensure that my CLEP scores will be sent directly to Southeastern University at 1000 Longfellow Blvd. Lakeland, FL 33801.
    • I have read the CLEP requirements and policies and acknowledge that I must meet these requirements in order to receive college credit at Southeastern University for completing the CLEP.
    • I am requesting that the above CLEP test be approved through Southeastern University.
    • If I want to complete any other CLEP tests other than the one listed above, I will submit a separate eligibility request form.
    • I agree that I must score a minimum of 50 to pass the CLEP and receive college credit.