Testing & Proctoring Services

Southeastern University offers testing and proctoring services, which include the ACCUPLACER college placement test and the CLEP (College Level Examination Program) test. Appointments should be scheduled at least one week in advance. CLEP tests are only offered on select days and times. Please contact the Testing Center for more information.

Contact & Location Info

Southeastern University Testing Center
Buena Vida East Wing Suite 210
1000 Longfellow Blvd.
Lakeland, Florida 33801


ACCUPLACER covers the following subject areas:

  • Elementary Algebra
  • Writing
  • Reading Comprehension

Testing Locations

SEU Lakeland: Contact the Testing Center to schedule an appointment. If you are not an SEU student, please contact your school to receive a test voucher before scheduling an appointment at SEU. An SEU testing fee is required for all students taking this test at SEU. Please use the form below to submit your payment.

Remote testing: SEU students may request a test voucher from SEU’s Testing Center in order to take this test at a remote location.



  • Students who have completed more than 95 college credits are NOT eligible to take the CLEP.
  • Students who have completed or attempted any courses in a certain subject won’t be able to CLEP any courses in that same subject area. This also includes courses that a student has withdrawn from or failed. For example, if a student has enrolled in English, the student won’t be able to take a CLEP test for Literature or other subjects in the same category as English.
  • CLEP credits combined with AP, IB, AICE, SPT, PLA, and military credit cannot exceed 45 college credits.
  • SEU Students Only:
    • SEU only accepts certain CLEP tests at our institution for college credit. View SEU’s approved list here.
    • At least 25% of a minor(s) must be completed at SEU. (Thus, 75% of a minor can be covered by CLEP courses. For an 18 credit hour minor, 75% of it is 13.5 credit hours.)
    • To check how many credits or which credits you have received, please contact the Office of Academic Advising or log on to JICS.seu.edu and view your degree audit or unofficial transcripts.
    • Before completing the CLEP, you must verify your eligibility with the Office of Academic Advising. Please fill out the CLEP eligibility request form below in order to be approved to complete the CLEP.

How to Register

  1. Students register online through College Board by visiting https://clep.collegeboard.org/. College Board charges around $80 for CLEP test registration. Most CLEP tests take a maximum of 90 minutes. You must print out the College Board registration ticket on the screen after registration is complete and bring it to your testing center appointment. Without the College Board registration ticket, you will NOT be able to complete the CLEP.
  2. If testing at SEU, you must complete the SEU testing fee form below as well. After you have made the payment, please print the receipt and bring it to your testing center appointment. Testing fees will differ based on testing location.
  3. When signing in at the testing center for your CLEP appointment, you will need to present a government issued photo I.D., your College Board registration ticket, and your SEU testing fee receipt.