Academic Certificates &
Non-Degree Programs

A certificate program is a great way to strengthen your skill set, to make yourself more attractive to prospective employers, and to stay up to date on in-demand workplace skills. You can decide to pursue your non-degree program before or after completing a degree, or separately. These programs do no require a lengthy time commitment, allowing you to gain the skills you need in reduced time.

Choose the program that interests you most to learn more and to begin your application.

Available Programs

With SEU Tech Bootcamps, you’ll learn more in your current field or be prepared to make a career change in today’s most in-demand technology fields.

Gain a deeper understanding of the Orange strategy and approach to family ministry.   Build on Orange Conference content to further reduce completion time.

Individuals of all backgrounds, disciplines, and education levels will learn increase their awareness and learn to effectively communicate across diverse populations. 


Contact our Office of Admission at admission@seu.edu