President Ingle

Dr. Kent Ingle

Office of the President
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Dr. Chris Owen

Executive Vice President
Executive Director for Administrative Planning
Jill Johnson | 863.667.5146


Dr. Meghan Griffin

Provost, Chief Academic Officer, and Professor of Business and Leadership
Executive Assistant
Wendy Alderman, CAP | 863.667.5004


Dr. William C. Hackett, Jr.

Provost Emeritus and Professor of Practical Ministry
Executive Director for Academics
Kim D. White | 863.667.5553


Roy Rowland IV

Vice President for Enrollment & Marketing
Executive Assistant
Bre Rivera | 863.667.5373


Dr. Cody J. Lloyd

Vice President for Institutional Research and Effectiveness and CIO
Executive Assistant
Lindsey Francia | 863.667.5577


Justin Lathrop

Vice President for Strategic Partnerships
Executive Assistant
Christina Kenyon | 863.667.5354

Nick Wallsteadt

Vice President for Global Ministry Network and Dean of the Barnett College of Ministry & Theology
Executive Assistant
Katie Marki, MBA | 863.667.5502


Jeffrey B. Spear

Vice President for Finance
Executive Assistant
Jullie Ann Hudson | 863.667.5006


Dr. Bethany Thomas

Vice President for Student Development



Dr. Michael Steiner

Chief of Staff




Dr. Amy N. Bratten

Associate Provost

Sylvia Blackmon-Roberts

Associate Vice President, Community Relations
Chair of Diversity, Inclusion & Equity Task Force
"God has created you with a unique design that he wants to unleash in your life to change the world."
Dr. Kent Ingle, SEU President