A Message from the Dean

Dr. Alan Ehler, dean of the College of Christian Ministries & Religion, shares his vision for the college and outlines how Southeastern prepares ministry students from any denomination to effectively minister to the people of God and to the ends of the earth.

College of Christian Ministries & Religion

Southeastern University has trained transformative church and ministry leaders since our founding in 1935. Equipping and supporting the church and Christ’s mission is what we do. Your generation is the future of the Christian faith. We are committed to equipping this generation of leaders who will influence the culture and guide the church toward growth and life-changing ministry. Our programs give you the practical experience and Biblical foundation you need to faithfully lead and serve.

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Student Spotlight

Alan J. Ehler

Dean, College of Christian Ministries & Religion
863.667.5256 | ajehler@seu.edu

Department of Christian Ministries & Religion

Samuel S. Hemby

Chair, Department of Master of Religion
863.667.5149 | sshemby@seu.edu
Bolin Hall 235

Peter F. Althouse

Professor of Theology
863.667.5223 | pfalthouse@seu.edu
Bolin Hall 234

Kenneth J. Archer

Professor of Theology
863.667.5333 | kjarcher@seu.edu
Bolin Hall 10

Melissa L. Archer

Associate Professor of Biblical Studies
863.667.5520 | mlarcher@seu.edu
Bolin Hall 135

Chris A. Corbett

Associate Professor of Religion
863.667.5239 | cacorbett@seu.edu

Robert C. Crosby

Professor of Practical Theology
863.667.5206 | rccrosby@seu.edu
Bolin Hall 133

Joseph H. Davis

Professor of Religion
863.667.5931 | jhdavis@seu.edu
Bolin Hall 233

Margaret A. DeAlminana

Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies
863.667.5796 | madealminana@seu.edu
Bolin Hall 231

Murray W. Dempster

Professor of Social Ethics
863.667.5155 | mwdempster@seu.edu
Bolin Hall 120

Steven Fettke

Professor of Religion
863.667.5154 | smfettke@seu.edu
Bolin Hall 232

Jonathan C. Frazier

Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies and Missions
863.667.5246 | jcfrazier@seu.edu
Mod 9

Charles H. Gaulden

Professor of Religion
863.667.5227 | chgaulden@seu.edu
Bolin Hall 229

William Hackett

Professor of Practical Ministry
863.667.5003 | wchacket@seu.edu
Pansler Alumni Student Union

Robert W. Houlihan

Professor of Practical Ministry & Missions
863.667.5661 | rwhoulihan@seu.edu
Bolin Hall 7

Matthew D. Huett

Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies
863.667.5335 | mdhuett@seu.edu
Bolin Hall 134

Beverly L. Lampp

863.667.5536 | bllampp@seu.edu

Terris Neuman

Professor of Religion
863.667.5505 | htneuman@seu.edu
Spence Hall 237

Glenn Pearl

Associate Professor of Religion
863.667.5987 | gapearl@seu.edu
Steelman Library

Aaron G. Ross

Instructor of Theology
863.667.5044 | agross@seu.edu

Yoon H. Shin

863.667.5042 | yhshin@seu.edu

Zachary M. Tackett

Associate Professor of Practical Theology
863.667.5442 | zmtackett@seu.edu
Bolin Hall 9

Kayla D. Turner

Instructor of Pastoral Ministries
863.667.5127 | kdturner@seu.edu

Cedrick D. Valrie

863.667.5417 | cdvalrie@seu.edu
Spence Hall 1

Joseph J. Vasquez

Assistant Professor of Youth and Family
863.667.5601 | jjvasquez@seu.edu

Robby Waddell

Professor of New Testament
863.667.5245 | rcwaddell@seu.edu
Bolin Hall 230

Gerry White

Professor of Religion
863.667.5151 | gawhite@seu.edu
Bolin Hall 131