Resources for Parents

Sending a child to college is one of the most exciting and challenging times for any parent. Although we are confident that there is no other university that will better care for your student and prepare them academically and spiritually than SEU, we understand that there are practical questions and concerns you have. We consider it a sacred trust that parents give us to walk with their students during this season of their lives, and we are committed to keeping you as informed as possible. The information below will help keep you updated and give you resources related to SEU and Christian higher education.

Fire Card

The Fire Card serves as your student's meal card, laundry card, printing card, library card, ID card and residence key. Add funds to the Fire Card here.

Price vs. Cost

Even if tuition is cheaper at a state school, is it worth the potential cost of your student falling away from the Christian faith?

Financial Aid

Discover details about scholarships and grants available to SEU students, as well as state and federal loan programs.

Fire Family Newsletter

Register to receive this informative e-newsletter for parents and family, which is sent out every other month during the school year.

Stay Connected

Review our list of official university social media accounts to help you get updated information about what's happening at SEU.

Text Alerts

Sign up for our text alert system to receive updates regarding weather situations or other emergencies on campus.


Get answers to common questions about admission, campus culture and the financial aid process at Southeastern.