Next Level Leaders

Southeastern University, in partnership with Catalyst University, offers conference participants the opportunity to enhance their leadership training through accredited college courses at a discounted rate. Expand your leadership potential by becoming a Certified Catalyst Leader or earning a complete Certificate in Organizational Leadership.

Certified Catalyst Leader (3 credit hours)

To become a certified catalyst leader, participants who have attended a Catalyst conference can register for a course that emphasizes the art of self-leadership, a vital skill in leadership success.

Certificate in Organizational Leadership (9 credit hours)

Building upon the first emphasis of self-leadership, participants can take two additional courses to complete an accredited Certificate in Organizational Leadership. The additional courses highlight the frameworks for collaboration and leading for innovation. Additional details are provided below.

The Art of Self-Leadership

Class: Leadership Forum
Credits: 3 credit hours
Course code(s): LDRS 4013 or BUSI 5233
Cost: $250*

Frameworks for Collaboration

Class: Principled Leadership
Credits: 3 credit hours
Course code(s): LDRS 2123 or LDRS 5213
Cost: $500

Leading for Innovation

Class: Leadership Theory & Practice
Credits: 3 credit hours
Course code(s): LDRS 2223 or LDRS 5123
Cost: $500

Registration Information

A flexible timeline allows for course completion over a period of a few months. Additional details will be provided after registration. To earn full credit for each course, you must complete the required coursework in the timeframe provided.

If you are a new student and have additional questions, please contact the Office of Admission at admission@seu.edu or 800.500.8760. If you are a current student or have questions about how the program works, please submit a support ticket.

*Limited time only. Regular discounted rate is $500 per course.