Health Services

SEU offers health services on campus to provide students with needed assistance in times of injury or sickness.

The Student Health Center provides health care on an outpatient basis to all students enrolled at Southeastern University. The center is staffed by a registered nurse, who will treat minor illnesses and emergencies. The center also offers a referral service to local physicians and ambulatory facilities.

The Student Health Center is located in Smith Hall and is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. You can reach the center by calling 863.667.5205 or emailing

SEU Medical Health Information Form
SEU Health Insurance Enrollment Form

Local Medical Centers

The following hospitals are located in the Lakeland area and Polk County:

Lakeland Regional Medical Center: 863.687.1100
Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center: 863.422.4971
Winter Haven Hospital: 863.293.1121
Lake Wales Hospital: 863.676.1433
Bartow Memorial Hospital: 863.533.8111


Southeastern University’s policy, following recommendations of the Florida Statues, ACHA and the CDC, is that full-time students (nine credit hours or more) living on campus provide documentation of the following immunizations:

  • Meningitis (one shot within the past five years)
  • Hepatitis B (a series of three shots)
  • Measles, Mumps, Rubella (two shots)*

*  If you are a full-time, off-campus student, you must provide documentation of the two MMR shots.

Please read the following information about meningitis and hepatitis disease and immunizations. If you decide to decline those immunizations, you may sign a waiver form for them. There is no waiver for the MMRs.

For more information please contact Health Services at 863.667.5205 or by email at