A Message from the Dean

Dr. Larry Hazelbaker, dean of the College of Behavioral & Social Sciences, shares how Southeastern’s commitment to faith integration prepares students to more effectively serve others in the fields of psychology, social work, counseling and human services.

Behavioral & Social Sciences

As Christians, we are called to serve “the least of these,” which in our culture includes those in poverty, struggling through mental health issues, disabilities, broken families and other situations. SEU’s behavioral and social sciences degrees prepare you to be the light in the lives of the hurting. You will also be given the background and skills you need to excel in one of our many graduate degree programs so that you can further your education and become a critical leader in this growing field.

Alumni Feature

Student Spotlight

Alumni Feature

Larry Hazelbaker

Dean, College of Behavioral & Social Sciences
863.667.5161 | lehazelb@seu.edu
Spence Hall 222

Department of Counselor Education Graduate Program

Clifford J. Hurndon

Chair, Department of Counselor Education Graduate Program
863.667.5903 | cjhurndon@seu.edu
Spence Hall 227

Rosalind S. Goodrich

Assistant Professor of Psychology
863.667.5164 | rsgoodrich@seu.edu
Spence Hall 226

Michael W. Grogan

Assistant Professor of Psychology
863.667.5211 | mwgrogan@seu.edu
Spence Hall Lobby 4

Lewis A. Hatcher

Assistant Professor of Counseling
| lahatcher@seu.edu

Adrian T. Manley

Associate Professor of Human Services/Administration
| atmanley@seu.edu

Department of Human Services

Kenneth E. Stephens

Chair, Department of Human Services UG and Graduate Programs
863.667.5177 | kestephens@seu.edu
Spence Hall 228

Christina M. Gard

Assistant Professor of Psychology
863.667.5658 | cmgard@seu.edu

Amanda J. Vinson

Instructor of Human Services/Administration
| ajvinson@seu.edu

Marcia B. Wynn

Assistant Professor of Human Services
| mbwynn@seu.edu

Department of Psychology

James E. Paton

Chair, Department of Psychology
863.667.5919 | jepaton@seu.edu
Spence Hall 223

Jeremy P. Cummings

Assistant Professor of Psychology
| jpcummings@seu.edu

Valinda A. Harlan

Instructor of Counseling
| vaharlan@seu.edu

Department of Social Work

Marleen Milner

Chair, Department of Social Work
863.667.5163 | mmilner@seu.edu
Spence Hall 231

Pam Criss

Professor of Social Work
863.667.5153 | pcriss@seu.edu
Spence Hall 233

Erica H. Sirrine

Associate Professor of Social Work
| ehsirrine@seu.edu