Department of Music


Southeastern’s Department of Music offers challenging technical training and instruction in music theory and history to the serious performing musician. Students may major in music, music performance or church music or earn a degree in music education through additional studies in Southeastern’s College of Education. Southeastern is also one of the first schools of its size to offer a substantial jazz studies program, which includes instruction in jazz theory, history and performance. Students must audition to become a music major at Southeastern.

Music Majors, Ensembles and Scholarship Auditions

Here are the four things you need to do to become a music major (includes degrees in music performance, church music, music education, music business and music) at Southeastern.

  1. Request an audition.
  2. Apply for scholarships.
  3. Attend a Performing Arts Visit or our Jazz Clinics. Registration costs $20–$30, depending on when you register. The Department of Music conducts auditions during these two visit events.
  4. Apply now for admittance to Southeastern University.

Call Southeastern’s Department of Music at 863.667.5144 if you have questions about becoming a music major at Southeastern.

Music Audition Form Audition Requirements