Frequently Asked Questions

What are your minimum acceptance requirements?

Southeastern considers many aspects of a student’s academic and personal background when deciding admission status. We don’t have a minimum GPA or test score as we instead include your scores and GPA in a broad discussion about your ability to succeed at SEU. Other factors include your Christian character, personal recommendations, and desire and willingness to learn. No applicant will be denied admission to Southeastern University on the basis of race, color, sex, or national or ethnic origin. Southeastern does not discriminate against individuals with physical or mental disabilities who are otherwise eligible for admission to the university.

What are the steps I need to take to be enrolled?

The first step in the admission process is to complete your application using our convenient online application. Once you have completed the application, you will be provided with more steps needed for acceptance that are specific to your program, such as letters of recommendation, test scores, essays, etc. Your admission counselor can answer specific questions regarding your admission status and any incomplete steps.

What is the deadline to apply?

Our undergraduate priority deadline is May 1, and the deadline to receive a refund for your enrollment deposit is June 1. Contact your admission counselor if you feel you might miss the deadline and need an extension.

What is the enrollment confirmation fee?

This $200 deposit along with the enrollment confirmation form are required of all accepted students who plan to attend Southeastern University. Submission of the form and deposit guarantees that your class schedule will be completed and that your on-campus housing will be reserved. The deadline for the enrollment confirmation fee is June 1 for the fall semester and December 1 for the spring semester, and it will be reflected as a credit on your student account.

How long does it take for my application to be completed once I've turned everything in?

We typically will have a decision about your application within two weeks after all your materials have been submitted. Sometimes the volume of applications means it will take longer, and sometimes it will go much more quickly. If you have any questions or need updates during the process, feel free to contact your admission counselor.

How can I send my paperwork in?

We prefer to receive most application materials electronically, either through the online application or as attachments in an email. If you need to mail or fax materials, you can do so to Southeastern University, Attn: Office of Admission, 1000 Longfellow Blvd., Lakeland, FL 33801. Our fax number is 863.667.5200, but make sure you add a cover page with “Attention: Office of Admission.”

What is required to come in as a transfer student, and will you accept all my credits?

You are considered a transfer student if you are coming to SEU with more than 12 credits earned at another institution. We still require high school transcripts, and you must submit test scores to be eligible for financial aid. Credits with the grade of “C” or higher earned at an institution accredited by a regional accrediting association are transferred on an unconditional basis, with the exception of developmental, vocational, technical or occupational courses. Students who wish to transfer credits from a non-regionally accredited school may petition the Office of the Registrar for an exception to the policy by requesting their credits be evaluated on a course-by-course basis.

As a transfer student, am I required to take the 20 credit hours of religion courses?

Southeastern offers a sliding scale for the core religion courses for transfer students who are entering Southeastern with 47 or more college credits. There is a different sliding scale for religion majors.

What if I'm homeschooled?

We pride ourselves in being an exceptional college choice for homeschooled students, and part of our commitment to serving homeschooling families comes through the admission process. Since many homeschoolers do not study under the umbrella of a local school district or homeschooling agency, Southeastern permits you to create a transcript of your high school course work. Transcripts should include all courses taken in grades nine through 12, as well as final grades. Although not required, you also may want to submit a portfolio. A portfolio typically includes a brief description of the courses you have completed and sample copies of work, such as a research paper or project, that best reflect your abilities. The academic recommendation should be completed by an individual who has observed your academic and personal progress, such as a tutor, former teacher, friend or employer. Academic recommendations should not be completed by a relative.

What if I need remedial courses?

We offer support services for students who require remedial academic courses during their first year, including our Early Start Summer Bridge Program. For more details on our academic support options, click here.

How much does SEU cost?

Cost is an important consideration when choosing a college, and SEU is proud to be one of the most affordable universities within the national Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU). More than 98% of our students receive financial aid, and our tuition ranks among the least expensive of more than 100 CCCU schools. For a breakdown of our tuition and fees for undergraduate students, click here. Information for graduate and evening/online students is available on their respective pages. We also encourage you to review information related to the “Price vs. Cost” of attending a Christian school as opposed to a state university or community college. We firmly believe the costs of not attending a Christian university outweigh the price associated with attendance.