Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Science in Theatre

Theatre moves people and lets them more deeply understand their relationship with the Creator and with fellow humans. Christians with a natural creativity and an aptitude for performance can use these gifts to communicate God’s love to others by working as an actor, director, screenwriter, or another professional in the performing arts.

Rare in the arts world, Southeastern teaches theatre from a Judeo-Christian worldview. Students with a gift for performance can nurture their God-given talents in a safe and encouraging environment. They will study with fellow students and faculty who share their faith and desire to spread Christ’s message. As a theatre major, you’ll practice your craft with the ultimate goal of using it to connect and communicate with others. Through the art you create, people can learn how to live and love more beautifully.

Sharpening Your Mind and Craft

Southeastern’s theatre program begins with our Christ-centered liberal arts (general education) core curriculum, through which you will develop an understanding and appreciation of God and His creation, human creativity and reason, and our place of responsibility as stewards in the world God has made. As you forge links between what you’ve learned in the core and the more specialized courses in your major, our hope is that you will also begin to relate all that you’ve learned to your life and your faith.

In addition to the liberal arts core curriculum, as a theatre student, you’ll complete a communications core. These courses include foundational communications classes, covering topics such as journalism, media ethics, and communications theory.

Acting lies at the heart of the theatre major and forms the basis for all other skills you’ll learn as a theatre student. You’ll be involved in many full-length productions, through which you’ll receive hands-on, practical experience. You’ll also study movement, set design, and directing.

The Bachelor of Arts

While studying in the theatre program, you may opt to pursue either a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts in theatre. The Bachelor of Arts allows students to study a broader range of subjects and includes a foreign language requirement. This path is designed for students who will pursue postgraduate education in theatre, ministry arts, or other communications-related fields.

The Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science, which includes an internship, provides additional practical experience and may serve as a better option for students who plan to enter the professional world directly after graduation.

What’s Next?

Southeastern’s theatre program equips you to join any major regional or traveling theatre company after graduation. The broad education you receive also equips you to pursue other careers in the art world, including a job as a business manager, technical director, worship leader, stage manager, screenwriter, or director. You also will possess the skills to enter any graduate program in the arts.

Catalog Description and Course Requirements

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre
Bachelor of Science in Theatre

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