Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor in Science in History

History is a story that’s ever unfolding — and God’s continual interaction with humanity forms the backbone of the narrative. Studying history then involves entering into the story’s many chapters, investigating the past both critically and compassionately.

Southeastern’s history program begins with our Christ-centered liberal arts (general education) core curriculum, through which you will develop an understanding and appreciation of God and His creation, human creativity and reason, and our place of responsibility as stewards in the world God has made. As you forge links between what you’ve learned in the core and the more specialized courses in your major, our hope is that you will also begin to relate all that you’ve learned to your life and your faith.

Delving Deep

Within the history major itself, we ask big questions: Why are things the way they are? How does the past impact the present and the future? How have people interacted over time? What sorts of patterns do we notice in God’s work in the world throughout the ages? And what do these patterns tell us about God’s ongoing relationship with humanity?

As we grapple with these questions, examining them in light of world events through the ages, we approach them from a solid Christian foundation. We believe that interweaving discussions of current historical scholarship with the timeless principles of our faith benefits the conversation on every side and also adds depth to the story as it is told and retold.

What’s Next?

Southeastern’s history graduates are fully prepared to pursue graduate study in history, as well as for a variety of careers, including the following:

  • Archaeologist
  • Architectural historian
  • Archival management
  • Bibliographer
  • Diplomat
  • Genealogist
  • Historian (corporate or governmental agency)
  • Historical editor
  • Historical preservationist
  • Historical site interpreter
  • Historical society manager
  • Lawyer
  • Museum curator
  • Oral historian
  • Public policy director
  • Records and information manager
  • Research/reference librarian
  • Researcher/writer (media or historical films)
  • Social scientist
  • Teacher

Catalog Description and Course Requirements

Bachelor of Arts in History
Bachelor of Science in History

Want to Learn More?

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