Dr. Rosalind Goodrich

Chair, Associate Professor of Psychology and Counselor Education rsgoodrich@seu.edu

Degrees Earned

BA in Psychology, Southeastern University
MA in School Psychology, University of South Florida
Ed.S., University of South Florida
PhD in School Psychology, University of South Florida


Dr. Rosalind Goodrich has worked for years with individuals, children and families in educational and counseling situations. She has approached this on-the-ground work from a teacher’s perspective, teaching at USF and Florida Southern before coming to serve full time at Southeastern.

Dr. Goodrich desires not only that her work will bless individuals but also that each of those individuals can continue to bless others, particularly those in their immediate circles of family and friends. She recognizes that most of us spend countless formative hours within educational settings and our experiences shape who we are and who we become. Therefore, her goal is to create a healthy ripple effect by impacting students in school settings, encouraging school and home collaboration and teaching her university students to build those same bridges in their future work. Dr. Goodrich enjoys the excitement of this academic discovery, and she says that she is continually learning from her students.

Dr. Goodrich has also volunteered as a speaker on marriage and family, as well as child education topics in church and community settings. She believes that healthy marriage and parenting skills are the foundations of the family and, to a great extent, of the church as well.

At Southeastern, Dr. Goodrich teaches in the professional counseling, school counseling, and marriage and family counseling graduate programs. These classes include Counseling Theories and Practice, Human Growth and Development, Individual Evaluation and Assessment, Research Methods, Integration of Psychology and Theology, and Human Sexuality, among others. Her research interests include the relationship of personal theology to interpersonal relationships, school and family influences on personal development and interpersonal communication (across various settings).