Dr. Kevin Weaver

Assistant Professor of Education kweaver@seu.edu


Prior to joining Southeastern, Dr. Kevin Weaver served as an assistant on the football staff at the University of South Florida. While on-staff at USF, he taught courses in kinesiology and health at Southcentral Community College. Dr. Weaver currently teaches in both the kinesiology and sport management programs at SEU. In addition to his instruction at the college level, he possesses several years of K–12 experience, including serving as a physical education teacher and athletic director at a Christian school in Tampa.

Dr. Weaver holds a doctorate in education with an emphasis in teacher leadership and kinesiology. His research interests include constitutional law in sports, form-technique in biomechanics and social psychology in coaching leadership. His dissertation involved an exploration of psychosocial roles and leadership characteristics of high school head coaches.

In his spare time, Dr. Weaver directs a nonprofit charitable outreach organization in Tampa, with the goal of benefiting student programs in education, ministry and athletics via sponsorship and mentorship. He has assisted in sponsoring SEU students on mission trips to South America and the Dominican Republic.