Dr. Gordon Miller

Professor of Education gmiller@seu.edu


Dr. Gordon Miller studied theater and performing arts at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts/West in Pasadena, California, and has been involved in numerous theatrical presentations at Southeastern. He has performed with the Lee University Singers, Lee Collegians, Fellowship Singers of Orlando, and Studio Theatre Company of Orlando, and he currently performs with the Caroling Company of Orlando. He has previously led a student mission team to Ghana, West Africa, and two student groups to Australia / New Zealand for Southeastern’s Summer Down Under study abroad program. He served as the chaplain of the men’s soccer team for five years and has been actively involved in numerous student and campus projects and activities.

Dr. Miller has co-authored an evangelism study program with Dr. Mark Rutland and Dr. Reinhard Bonnke, which is offered exclusively through the evangelistic ministry of Reinhard Bonnke and in conjunction with Southeastern University.

Dr. Miller has taught Accounting for Non-Accountants; Classroom Management for secondary education majors; Teaching English; Teaching Social Studies; Teaching Science; Missionary Life and Work; and Christ, Culture and the University for Honors students. He currently serves as professor in the College of Education, director of the Honors Program and chair of the Honors Program Committee.